How to Seal Your Garage Floor

The garage is one of the places in your house that requires a great amount of attention, maintenance, as well as care. More than any other place in your house, the garage has to withstand a lot of pressure and abuse. After all, the garage is the place where you store your vehicle. The car could do a lot of damages, especially to your garage floor. Also, there are a lot of other things that could cause undue damage to the floor. Fortunately, there are things you can do in order to ensure that your garage would be able to withstand pressure without breaking, and that is by way of sealing garage floor. There are other ways to protect the surface of your garage floor, but sealing has a number of advantages. It is easy to apply, and you could even do it yourself without needing any help from professionals. Furthermore, it would improve the appearance of your garage floor while protecting it from further damage.


In order to be able to seal your garage floor on your own, there are several simple steps that need to be followed:

Choosing the Type of Sealer

The types of sealer that you can use for your garage floor are typically divided into two major categories: topical sealer and penetrating sealer. Topical sealer is perfect for a lighter protection for your garage floor. If your garage is not a place that sees a lot of traffic, then topical sealer would be enough. On the other hand, if your garage floor sees heavy traffic every day, then penetrating sealer is the best choice, as it is stronger and could better protect the floor from damage. Both types of sealers are further divided into more types, such as Acrylic Topical Sealer, Epoxy, and many others. It would be best if you could choose the type that would best suit your needs by first consulting with a professional.

Preparing the Garage Floor

If you do not prepare the garage floor properly prior to application, chances are the sealant would not be molded to the floor properly, and it would come off easily. In order to prepare the floor, first you need to clean it. Then, purchase an etchant and apply it thoroughly to the floor.

Applying the Sealer

There are no major techniques needed to apply the sealer, and you could apply it as you would a simple paint job. However, make sure that you lay it on thick, and let it dry for a longer period that what is advised on the can.

Maintaining the Sealer

Depending on the type of sealer you use, the life expectancy of the sealant could be different. Reapplication could be needed, but not for a while yet.

Using a sealant is the best solution for the protection of your garage floor. The protection is very effective and could last for a long period of time during which you would not have to worry about any paint job flaking off like you usually would.

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