Applying Epoxy Shield Coating On Your Garage Floor

A lot of people today consider their garage as one of the most important parts of their respective houses. For many homes, the garage serves as more than just a space for the family car and other vehicles. What with all the tools and workbenches often found in garages, there is likely to be some serious damage to the garage’s floor structure and design.

There are a number of ways to solve this problem, and there are a few others to prevent it as well. Having your garage professionally re-worked could cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. This is why many homeowners try to work on their garages themselves.

There are various kits available in local hardware and outlet stores that are easy enough to apply on your own. This saves you a great deal of money from the cost you would have paid to a professional contractor. One of these options is Epoxyshield garage floor coating.

Epoxyshield garage floor coating kits are available in the market today, providing a stress-free ‘Do It Yourself’ alternative to professionally remodeled garage spaces. The coating, once applied correctly, could provide a solid shield for your floor against several harmful materials such as motor oil or gasoline which are pretty much sure to hit your garage floors.

Highly recommended for concrete floor surfaces, this coat could provide durability for your garage and give it the newly renovated look that it deserves after all the wear and tear that it goes through. It also gives you a confidence boost for when your neighbors come over.

The Debate on Garage Floor Coating

Despite its first appeal to homeowners and other garage renovators, there is still some debate on the use of this product and its usefulness and durability after being put through the test of time. There is a split on the positive and negative feedback that Epoxyshield garage floor coating and other similar products were reviewed with.

Talking About the Pros of the Product

As mentioned earlier, the coating is relatively easy to apply even for a non-professional. There are detailed instructions on the manual included in the kit. There are also countless tutorial videos that you can watch online to help in case you get confused with the instructions.

The work time to be allotted for such project could be less than 12 hours plus the overnight drying. Various online home repair guides have videos on tips and tricks in using the kit. There are also troubleshooting and damage control tips available.

It takes only 12 hours to a day before the product could withstand light foot traffic, 48 hours or less before you could use it for heavy object lifting, and 3 days before you could park a vehicle on it. Compared to contractors that could take 4 days or more to complete a small area, the time requirement of using this ‘Do It Yourself’ kit is definitely much shorter.

The cost of these kits could save you twice as much or more than what you would pay a professional to do it for you. If you do it right, you could have better results compared to what the pros could provide for you (granted that you follow the instructions step by step.) Some of these garage floor coating kits could go for as low as 60 to 70 dollars online, and some stores offer it for less than that.

This garage floor coating, and products similar to it, could cover up 250 square feet of space with a 3.55 liter box. The kits also usually come with all the reagents you would need to complete your renovation project. All you need are the basic household tools to use for the application process.

Despite these upsides, there are still many who question the worthiness of this Epoxyshield garage floor coating for various reasons. In the following paragraphs, you will find the most common complaints from consumers who have tried out this product in their own garages.

Complaints On and Cons of Garage Floor Coating

It is not uncommon for people to want to bring out the best possible outcome after trying out any product. Whether it be for food items, beauty products, electronic gadgets or appliances, or even home equipment, there are always bound to be complaints on why the product is not exactly as advertised on TV. Some of the common complaints about Epoxyshield are as follows:

The one thing that a lot of people in online forums complain about is the durability of these garage floor coatings. A number of people online have shared their stories on how the product seems to just wear off after only a few months of applying it. A number of them highly discourage other buyers from testing out the products themselves.

Other ‘Do It Yourself’ complainers point out the quality of these things on their flooring. Some people have mentioned the blots and holes on the floor that are left after the application process. Some of them get frustrated by the results after the product dries up as it leaves a lot of nasty cracks on the floor.

Beginner household renovators complain about the difficulty of usage when using these products, as opposed to what is usually advertised. These people with no experience whatsoever in handling remodeling or floor renewing projects have problems encounter problems that are not on the manual, and they end up making a mess of the projects they are working on.

Meanwhile, many of these home redecorators have issues with the time it takes to prepare the garage space to be reworked. The application process for the Epoxyshield garage floor coating requires a spotless surface to work on, otherwise cracks would start to show up and it would ruin the whole renovation project as a whole. It would not only end up costing the consumer what money they spent for the kits, but also they would end up with ugly garage floors.

Though not as common as the other negative feedback, there are some who whine about the number of other products that are needed to be purchased and applied together with what is on the kit to provide that perfect floor coating being advertised. These people complain about the extra costs as against to just buying the basic kits.

There are also groups of people who pinpoint false advertising as a cause of their problems, claiming that the products could not cover up the space that it was advertised for. They also criticize the final results they see online or on TV that show glossy and beautiful flooring that are almost impossible to do at home by yourself unless you are a professional.

Even though there are a number of these critics who call out the products for garage floor coating, the overall response towards the general outcome of the coating is positive. Reviews range from 3 stars to 5 stars across various websites that focus on supplies such as the remodeling kits.

Still More than a Good Option

Finding a middle ground when buying a product with split reviews can be confusing. Testing out the waters and finding out the truth in the comments by strangers is your only gauge on the product quality, but if you do not take a shot at the product then it is possible to miss out on quality goods.

Today’s internet is full of ‘trolls’ whose only purpose is to get one on you. It is getting more difficult to tell which buyers are correctly rating and reviewing products being sold online and which ones are just ‘trolling’ on the internet and hoping to catch someone unaware off guard.

When buying products such as the Epoxyshield garage floor coating, you must consider all the pros and cons to see if using it would be worth your time and money and would provide you a service that you would be satisfied with, or else go with other options.

There are accredited sites online that not only sell these products, but also allow free commenting on the pages. Look for sources that are credible and provide good points rather than just bluntly stating opinion without proper fact checking or evidence in the subject matter.

Ultimately, your gut would determine if you want to test out a product or skip it and try other available options. Aside from these garage floor coating kits, there are several other choices for your garage remodeling needs. Some of these options might be of more value for your money, but others may not be as good.

The Various Alternatives and Getting to Your Ideal Garage Space

As mentioned earlier in the article, there are numerous ways to remodel any garage space for homeowners. Some of these processes are easier than others, but others might be more costly. Here are a few other options for your garage floor needs.

The most obvious choice for a remodeling is having it done professionally. The easy pro for this one is an assurance of a good turnout, but the downside is this might be the most costly choice. The best results are always going to be by those experts with actual experience.

A recent survey from Home Advisor says that a garage remodeling costs around 5 thousand to 15 thousand dollars if done by a professional, while another online webpage states that an average garage would cost a minimum of 900 dollars to 25 thousand dollars.

Tiles and Paint for Garage Floors

There is also the process of retiling your garage floor. Tiles would be more prone to breaking especially for heavy vehicular usage or lockers and heavy duty power tools, but tiles are one of the cleanest looking styles for your garage depending on the overall design of your house.

Usually tiled garages are for storage, but there are some who tile their garages that they turn into workshops. Sawdust and other rubble might be a bit trickier to clean on tiled floors, but it will be easier to see thus making it a breeze to know if you missed a spot.

Like the garage floor coating, tiles can be done by household owners themselves as well. It is a lot more time consuming and trickier to do, but there are cheap tiles that might be bought for a bargain and a buyer could spend even more money with tiling.

Floor painting is the cheapest alternative to using garage floor coating, and it is more efficient with a few coatings on it. The downside of this cheap method is it is prone to having cracks on the floor. The upside to this is having a lot of options in terms of coloring. Varnish is also a viable solution for the floor.

Some people are comfortable with just having cement for their garage floor, and it is a perfectly available option for most. Cement flooring for garages are perfect for any storage unit or vehicle. A homeowner would not have to worry about the durability of this cement floor, but the design is very limited and might not be a likeable option for those who plan on having an enticing man cave.

The Epoxyshield garage floor coating is still one of the more common options in the market today. There are also similar products to this and a lot of those products get the same responses, but the few chinks and differences might make for better or worse outcomes when working the garage floor.

At the end of the day it is still about the preference of the home renovator which way he or she would want to take. A lot of those options are chance options, and you would never know which ones would be the best fit for your garage until you start renovating.

You still have to remember that the key to having an ideal garage is doing what you envision before the project. When working on any renovation project in the household, try to stick to your vision during the process and compare that with the end result.