PVC Garage Floor Tiles or the Interlocking Tiles

The design of your house area is a crucial part in expressing your personality. Many goes with the creative route to decorate their house as creativity can explain a lot about the true colors of an individual. The decoration of your house must also be to your liking and of course, makes it easier for you to do chores around the house. If you take a look at most of the interior design magazines, the majority of the designs examples are minimalistic and edgy due to the efficiency of taking care of them. Let’s say, you have an authentic floor rug with a marble glass floor tiles, the effort to take care of them and do chores around the house will be slightly harder to do so as those materials needs extra care when handling them.

Why Decorate Your Garage?

Thinking about decorating your house, does not mean that it always have to be the interior inside it. The garage needs some love too, right? The garage is where we usually safe-keep our vehicles such as cars, motorcycles. The garage usually is pretty large and it is the one spot of the house, most people forgotten about. Repairs and fixes with some decoration to your garage can be a one-step closer in maintaining your vehicles.

PVC Floor Tiles:

There are lots of designs for garage floor tiles these days. The one that have the growing fast popularity is the interlocking garage floor tiles. These floor tiles are designed like a puzzle piece. Therefore, they are easy to install as each tile will match each other perfectly. Most of the tiles are now made of PVC which is Polyvinyl Chloride. These tiles are softer and flexible which makes it easier to ply or take it off. However, tiles that are made of PVC are subjected to be heavier to maintain its flexibility due to the heavy load such as vehicles, that will be resting on it.

Positive & Negative Points of PVC:

Advantages points of these tiles are that, firstly they are more noise-friendly. When you park your car, it won’t make a loud screeching noise. Secondly, they are multi-function to use as it can be used for gym or play area for the kids due to its soft material. Lastly, we can pick different designs of tiles to mix and match it. Even with the advantages, as an owner, we can’t forget about the disadvantages. The disadvantages of using these tiles are that, they do leave marks on a lighter color tiles. Such as car tires marks or even dirty shoes. So, do keep in mind to use a darker colored tiles to avoid having the marks being too noticeable! Another disadvantage is that to not let a liquid that can stain the tiles be allowed to seep through as it will be a chore to get them out!

Conclusion :

However, keeping in mind all of the plus and the downside of PVC garage floor tiles, these tiles do give a unique touch to your garage since you can basically pick any designs you want to. It is also kids-friendly as the soft material will be safe for kids to play around on. Always keep a look-out on all the variety of choices you can choose from and pick the ones that fits your criteria and needs to give your house the best look and touches!

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