Best Garage Floor Coating in Houston

Nowadays, people pay more attention to the detail of their home decoration. This includes the decoration of their garage. They want to have the comfortable and well-design garage to store their vehicles. One of the popular trend for garage design is garage floor coating. Replacing the old garage floor has been very effective to enhance your garage’s look. This will make your garage more stunning and modern at the same time.

What Is A Garage Floor Coating

If you have gray concrete garage floor, applying the floor coating the perfect choice. These floors have the heavy duty system which is made by epoxy based material. It will increase the resiliency to stains and tire marks. It will hide some minor imperfections in your floor as well.

Another advantage of coating floor is its versatility. You can mix this coating floor with many styles of home design. You can choose various models of floor coating which suit to your overall home design. You can pick the gray concrete with sealer which will give you simple look. Or you can choose the complex colors which will make your floor look like granite or terrazzo. There’re many color options for the color flakes. These flakes are usually made from acrylic paint chip. This kind of material is strong enough to stand up under walking and driving on with your car. However, you can choose another material like decorative quartz floor. This type is thrown to refusal into solid epoxy. Not like acrylic paint chip, this type has more impact resistance.

Garage Floor Coating Considerations

There’re some considerations that you need to make before using the service of floor coating contractor. You need to consider the material of your coating first. It can be epoxy or hybrid polymer. The material can be chosen based on some points. First, you need to define what type of concrete surface that the coating will be applied to. It can be your interior surface, exterior surface, basement floor or warehouse floor. Well, in this case, you need to ensure that your coating floor will be applied to your garage room.

Second, you need to know how much surface area that you want to cover. You need to know exactly the size of your garage floor. Third, you need to know whether there’re any existing coating on the surface of your garage floor. Floor with the exciting coating and floor with no coating will have different treatment. Then, you also need to know the condition of your current garage surface.

You also need to consider the price of the floor coating service. Different materials and styles will charge your different money.

Garage Floor Coating Houston

You can choose many garage floor coating services in Houston. There’re some reputable contractors that you can pick. Some popular contractors in Houston are 24HR Painting, Just Paint it!, 4th Dimension Construction LLC and ABBA Roofing & Siding Co. To choose the right contractor for your house, you can get a help from the internet. There’re some good reviews about those contractors in Houston that will make you easier to choose the best service for your garage.

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