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Most homeowners don’t know how much it costs to Coat a Garage Floors. Using this Calculator, you can get instant prices estimate for Materials, Labor, & Total Cost.

Coating your garage floors will transform old ugly concrete floors into beautiful, durable and easy to clean surface.

Find out how much it costs to Install a Concrete Coating on your Garage floor when hiring a contractor or doing it yourself!

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Material Prices

Contractors use professional grade concrete coatings. However what you can buy in-store or online is pretty much the same product in a different wrapper.

When estimating cost of materials, you need to include the coating epoxy itself, cleaners / degreaser, crack patching materials, and application tools.

On average, for a 250 sq. ft. garage floor, you are looking to spend between $250 and $450 for everything you need. Price difference comes from materials quality, brand, and amount of cleaners and patching materials that you will need.

If your concrete surface is in good shape, you will likely be able to get away with just 1-2 bottles of degreaser. However if you have big oil stains, you will need more cleaners and more work to get all that oil out.

Small cracks can be fixed with special crack patching material, or just with regular concrete mix (saving you $20-$30).

Labor Prices

Labor is the biggest chunk part of garage floors coating cost. This is because surface areas are usually small, while there is a lot of cleaning and patching work involved. You can end up paying $4-7 per square foot for coating an average single-bay garage, just in labor. So if you can do this work yourself, this is where most of the saving will come from.

Luckily it’s not actually that difficult – merely labor intensive and time-consuming. It may take you two weekends to coat your garage floor, but if you are saving $1200-1500, 4 days of work may be very much worth it!

Total Cost of Coating a Garage Concrete Floor

When you combine labor and materials you will end-up paying between $1450 and $2100 for a 240 sq. ft. garage. However, here, materials will be only $250 to $400. Once again, we recommend the DIY option to save you tons of money in low skill labor (mostly cleaning).

We have all the guides and material reviews available, as well as comparisons and DIY guides.

Planning the job

Regardless of who’s doing the work, you need to prepare your garage. This means getting EVERYTHING out of it. Even things of the shelves should be removed, in case you need access to them. This is because once work commences, the garage should be off-limits to all unnecessary foot traffic, to keep the surface clean of all debris. This is especially important, once all stains and oils were cleaned off, and surface was vacuumed. Any dirt or dust will make the bond between concrete and Epoxy Coatings weak, and your job may fail after very short period of time!

It’s also advised to power-wash the surface before the final sweep, and let it dry for a day or two. Garage floor coatings should never be installed over wet or soiled concrete. Once again, it’s best to remove all items from garage, so they don’t get damaged by water.

Hiring a contractor

There are many contractors specializing in concrete restoration. Optionally you can hire a Painting Contractor that has experience working with concrete / stucco, and had installed floor coatings.

Get several quotes. When comparing estimates, keep in mind that lowest price is usually an indicator of lowest quality. Contractors will not spend long time preparing your floor surface when they get paid the least. This equates to poorly cleaned concrete and delaminating coating material after very short time.

I recommend hiring a contractor with mid-range price, where owner does the work. This will give you the highest chance of best quality with reasonable price.

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