What To Look For In A Flooring Contractor In Toronto

Not many homeowners would think about their garage, let alone considering the best options for the floor. However, if you spend most of your time in the garage (whether you use it for the home gym room, the laundry room, or even your personal workstation), remember that making sure that the floor is well protected is a must. Protecting the floor won’t only add the longevity, but also increases the aesthetic appeal. Don’t you get bored with the same gloomy and dull setting of your grayish concrete floor?

The Various Options

Basically, there are a lot of different types of floor coating options, from the rollout mats, epoxy coating, and snap together tiles. Even painting the floor can be considered the best option when you are low on the budget.

You need to remember that the floor takes the heaviest burden from foot traffic, vehicle traffic, and other stuff. It is exposed to chemical spills, oil drip, moisture, road salt, and human weight burden when you spend quite a lot of time there. When you think about the floor coating, not only it will prevent further damages, it will also increase the physical appearance. The coating can hide deterioration and crack. It is also good to make the floor easy to clean.

Most people think that floor covering and the coating is just the same, but they are actually different. If your floor is in good condition, both of them are possible. However, if your floor has a lot of flaws, cracks, and damaged, a covering is definitely the best option because it helps to hide the imperfection. Covering is also the best option when your floor is humid or deals with moisture, because when you coat the floor, it will easily peel off. A coating can highlight any surface blemishes that will only make the problem get worse. So, depending on your floor and its condition, you can choose the different application and procedure.

In most cases, it is better to consult a professional. If you live in Toronto, you may want to consult professional garage floor coating in Toronto Ontario to help you decide which procedure is the best for your needs. They won’t only able to help you with the installation, they can also help you with the material choice, the perfect application technique, and such thing. Keep in mind that coating your garage floor requires special skills, certain equipment and tools, and also the knowledge of doing the procedure correctly. you may want to do the project on your own, but keep in mind that in case something goes wrong, you will only waste a lot of money. You will be dealing with huge spending.

The Floor Coating for the Garage

The most common coatings are the stain and sealer, epoxy paint, and floor paint. Floor coating is less expensive than the floor covering, and the cost can go even lower when you have DIY project. But then again, consider hiring a pro if you are totally new to this. The coating will protect your floor from moisture penetration, corrosive chemical, and stains. However, keep in mind that the lack of floor preparation and damp concrete will definitely make this work a failure.

The thing about the concrete floor is that it is porous. It is possible that the moisture from the ground will rise through the pores and make the floor damp continuously. Dampness and moisture will prevent the coating from properly sticking to the concrete. It is most likely that the coating will delaminate, chip, and then flake. Before applying any coating, it is important to test for concrete dampness and humidity.

Another downside about the coating is the long preparation time – which takes, at least, a few hours. The more damaged your floor is, the more preparation it needs – resulting in a longer time. You may have to perform intensive cleaning first to remove any grease or sealers. Not to mention that you need to repair holes, cracks, or other problems related to the surface. As if it weren’t enough, you need to etch the concrete with acid to keep it penetrable and clean for the coating solvent.

Floor Paints

The concrete floor paint is basically just the same as the wall paint, but it is stronger and tougher. It comes with oil based and latex based variants. If you are rather low on the budget, this floor paint is the ideal option for your needs. Aside of being inexpensive, another advantage of using the paint is the easy touch-up or easy recoat.

The latex paint is easier to clean up as well as to apply. The paint will deliver low sheen flat effect while the oil will deliver higher gloss. When you choose the oil based paint, you need to use a primer coat, which will deliver the most durable outcome. Remember, though, that floor paint is prone to chemicals and road salts – and it easily fades away. If you use the garage quite often, it is possible that you have to touch up the floor every year. But it costs you only around 15¢ per square feet, so the financial spending may not be too difficult for you.

Epoxy Paints

If you want to get the toughest formula, you should go with the two-part epoxy paints. You can choose the one-part, but it is available in the premixed state. If you prepare the floor correctly and properly (and the application of the paint is correct too), this is the best coating that you will get. It is tough and sturdy. It protects your floor well. It comes with glossy finishing that is simply beautiful.

However, the trickiest part comes from the floor preparation. Not to mention that you need to apply the paint fast because they get easily hard pretty quickly. The area should be free from any traffic until it has cured thoroughly and completely, and it can take you a week. You can go for the easier DIY kit, but such kit won’t deliver long lasting effect.

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