What To Look For In A Epoxy Floor Coating Company In Brampton

Getting tired of the dull appearance of your garage floor? Do you think that your garage floor often takes the beat of the hard stuff and burden? Do you want to add looks and aesthetic appeal to your garage? Are you tired of dealing with the dull and unattractive garage, and want to improve its look?

You would be surprised to see that such (seemingly) simple flooring coating can really make a huge difference. The coat may only be applied to your floor, but it will create a different outcome, effect, and atmosphere. If you have been dealing with the unattractive concrete floor, you may want to consider several coating options. Yes, concrete may be tough and sturdy, but it has its own downsides and flaws too.

The Deal with Garage Flooring

The problem with garage flooring is that people tend to underestimate it. The garage isn’t exactly considered as the most important room in the house although it is often used for many different purposes. You may keep your stuff there – don’t forget that it is the place where you keep your cars too. Some homeowners use their garage as their working space or workshop too, so you can imagine the constant and continuous beat that the garage floor has to bear.

Sure, you probably think that choosing concrete floor is the best and the smartest decision you have ever made. But then again, you start to see how unattractive your garage is with the bare and plain concrete flooring. Sure, concrete is tough and solid, but the grayish appearance can be a mood killer. Not to mention that it may affect the overall atmosphere and look of your garage.

After all, concrete is porous. When you choose the wrong type of covering or coating, not only it will affect the look of your garage floor, you will be wasting your money for nothing. However, since there are so many different options available for the protective stuff, choosing the right one can be daunting and overwhelming. Don’t be discouraged, you can do this if you know the condition of your garage floor. This will help a lot in making you decide.

Choosing the Materials

When you undergo the selection process for the right material, you want to take a look at the surface. Sometimes you need to consult an expert to help you decide. If you live around Brampton, it is best to ask for help from professional garage floor coating in Brampton Ontario. The process will involve these steps:

  • Evaluate the condition of the floor. It should be clean, solid, and not contaminated with anything – especially those that may affect the bonding quality of the coating.
  • If the surface is somewhat cracked, uneven, or damaged, you may need to make some initial repair work. It is possible that you have to repair, patch, or level the area – and whatever products you use should go along with the substance that will be used to cover the floor. This is one of the main reasons why you should consult the experts because they are familiar with such stuff. You may go with the cheaper options, but in most cases, cheap products will only ruin the good coating. Just saying.
  • Don’t forget that surface preparation is another crucial step in coating the garage floor. If you want to have a long lasting result, you need to prep the floor first. it will determine the remaining process. For instance, if you choose a thin coating film, then the preparation should be complete and thorough, not leaving any heavy profile at all. In case you want to deal with more serious procedure, you may have to deal with initial filling coat or leveling, which may add your expenses.

Performance Conditions

When you want to coat the floor, keep in mind that there are four types of most common abuses a floor usually take

  • Chemical exposure. When you deal with chemical substances pretty much and you deal with them on a daily basis, choosing the right material is crucial. What kind of coating material you choose depends on the type of chemical you use and how careful you are when dealing with them.
  • Abrasion. If your garage has high traffic, it gets worn pretty easily. Whether you use rubber wheel or steel wheel – or whether you walk and move around the room with your shoes coverings (shoes, sandals, or even clogs) – they will impact the floor. If you use steel wheel stuff pretty much, you need to think about the added special treatment that will ensure the solid protection of your floor.
  • Impact. If you deal a lot of heavy stuff, you may need a thicker flooring system with a safer material. For instance, if you use your garage as a personal home gym, you may not want to install tiles. If you drop a barbell on the floor, for example, the tiles may crack and chip. It only adds hazard to your surroundings.
  • Thermal shock. It refers to temperature fluctuation, which may affect the final result in the prep work. When you do a steam cleaning system, it may result in loss of bond. Consult the experts to talk about the safest system to deal with it.

Final Resort

Once you have managed to consider these elements in your project, you should be able to determine what kind of coating is required by your garage floor. The professionals from the installation company should be able to provide suggestions about the thickness, type of coating, and such thing alike – although the final decision is up to you.

When you want to do the project, talk about the small details thoroughly. What kind of aesthetic outcome do you want to have? How long you expect the flooring and the coating to last? What is the best way of application? How long will the process take place? What to expect from your certain budgets? If you choose a professional, they should be able to explain everything to you in an easy-to-understand manner. They should also be straightforward with the cost.

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